Do you allow Walk ins? - How do they work?

Yes we do, if we have an open range and an axepert who's not already coaching another group of axe throwers. We do group walk ins together so you may meet some other woodsmen. Please keep in mind that our walk ins are few and far between and reservations are strongly recommended.

Can we get a range to ourselves?

If you book a private range, your group will be the only ones throwing on that range. Pricing is a bit more if your pack of axe chuckers has less than 6 people in it. If you book your group on a public range, you will be throwing with other people.


Axe Throwing is $30 per person when booking a private range for 6 to 10 people. If your group has 2 to 5 people, the cost is $35 per person. The public range is $26.99 per person. Walk ins are $20 per person but you throw for just under an hour and we cannot guarantee availability.

I don't want to throw, I just want to come hang with my friends and watch. Do I have to pay?

You don’t have to pay to come in and watch or have a beer. We are happy to have you as long as our shanty is under its maximum capacity.

What ages can throw?

Throwers must be 16 or older except for Sundays when we welcome guests as young as 12 as long as they are under the immediate supervision of a parent/guardian. Parents/Guardians do have to sign our electronic waiver for anyone under 18 before we can let them throw. And no one under 18 is allowed to book on a public range at any time.

What is your Lateness Policy?

PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR START TIME! We run a tight schedule and don’t want you to miss any of your axepert coaching or axe chucking time. If you are more than a few minutes late, we will have to shorten your throwing time.

Can I book an event outside of your normal hours?

Absolutely! Just e-mail us at More information can be found through the link on our home page.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once bookings are confirmed, we cannot reverse the transaction. You may reschedule the booking with 24 hour notice.

Will we be taught how to throw?

Each range has a dedicated axepert coach to teach you how to throw, as well as setting you up with some fun games! You will never be in the range without your coach.

What should I wear?

We require closed-toe shoes (no high heels even if they are closed-toe). You’ll want to wear a shirt with a full range of motion as well (flannel is cool but not required).

Can I bring my own axe?

Unfortunately, our insurance guy (and our common sense) says no.

Are you handicapped accessible? Can I throw from a wheelchair?

Yes we are and yes you can. We do have an upper level that is only accessible via stairs but most of the fun happens on our main level. Our restrooms are also handicapped accessible.

Can we bring in liquor?

Outside drinks of any kind are not allowed as we do have beer/malt beverages/soda/water/tea on site. No BYOB of any kind. ID is required for the alcohol.

Can I buy Gift Certificates?

We would highly recommend it! Lumber Axe Gift Vouchers are fantastic gift ideas for that person who has everything. Plus they just might bring you! Buy one HERE.

Do Axeperts accept tips?

Tipping is never expected but always appreciated. Out axeperts will do their best to make your experience fun and exciting. It's nice to show them some love!

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